40 DAYS~Because 40 is a number that speaks of miracles

40 Days tells us of sacred journeys.

From suffering and torment, to transformation and miracles. From hardship to freedom and relief. From ancient times to now, spiritual traditions use the 40 day container as a path to healing and grace.

Our 40 days together will be a time of devotion, allowing us to reconnect the power of heart+mind to fully experience a breakthrough.

From the hellish cycle of emotional eating, the painful thoughts+self-judgement+shame that follow, to the promises to do better, the strict punitive all-or-nothing plans and the focus on the food and the workouts…. into another crash, more promises broken…

To something very different.

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Basic Course Package


Basic Course including 3 spell-breaking private coaching sessions

And the focus on food. Or workouts.

As if it’s a fitness problem. I believe it’s something else.
You are likely an empath. Deeply feeling and sensitive. Feeling into everyone’s ‘stuff’ around you, taking it on and giving too much, depleting your own stores. And other things you share with the women that were able to break through.

You may believe you are beyond help. The only one who can’t break the spell. But I will tell you this, I have not met that woman yet. The problem isn’t you… the problem is the diet industry that has no clue how to help.
And the ways the issue has not been named properly.

I’ve studied with the mystics and spiritual thought leaders (like Caroline Myss) and healers for a very long time. Which is when I really understood (beyond my 21 years as a licensed clinician in private practice) that this was about how you manage your energy, how you deal with your empathic nature and highly sensitive body/mind.
You have lost the thread to your beautiful and true self.

And without that connection, you are stuck with~

✅ A thinking problem.
✅ A noisy mind problem.
✅ A feeling too much problem.
✅ A taking it all on problem
✅ An empathy overload problem
✅ A giving too much and people-pleasing problem
✅ A not knowing how to say no problem
✅ A disconnection from your #intuitivebody/intuition problem
✅ A sensitivity to certain foods problem
✅ A serious perfectionism, all-or-nothing, ‘not-enough’ problem
✅ An early trauma problem, a betrayal of trust and boundaries problem, possibly a difficult-mother problem

Choose your pricing plan and start your journey to healing!


Basic Course Package


Basic Course including 3 spell-breaking private coaching sessions

What we do together happens in present time. Where you are right now.

With deep holistic nourishment to feed your wholeness, and reconnect to your unique beauty.


Join me in this sacred container of promise and wholeness

What You’ll Get:

~ Daily supportive content to shift your perspective powerfully.

~ Daily Beauty rituals to support your body/mind and begin to fill you up

~ Gorgeous doses of innovative strategies that rebalance, quiet, soothe, inspire, beautify

~ Writing prompts and purges to release emotional energy OUT of the body

~ (5) SOS Emergency Emails with me… Need some support quickly to keep going? I’m here, reach out. This has made all the difference in my work with private clients.

~ Momentum via Private online 'chat' time with me on Zoom. 15-minute sessions... You talk. I listen. I respond in writing in real time (I type VERY fast:)).

~ A bonus gift of "You Are The Temple", a gorgeous companion to the 40 Day materials.

~ A connection back to your Divine Identity, your heart, your inspiration, your Intuitive Body….

~ My love and devotion and everything I’ve learned on my own mystical+beautiful journey and from the success of my clients over 35 years

I want to support your beauty+wholeness+ success.

Let’s turn it around. This will change your mind about everything you’ve believed about the struggles with food and eating, from our first day. Bold claim but I’ve seen it so many times in work with my clients that I know it’s true.

This is a brand new program.

I have so much to share with you, that has not been available other than via private coaching programs with me. And the sweetness of the relief my clients have felt, leads me to offer this to you, to break the spell, to support the truest whisper of the beauty of your soul.

Your Program Investment~$197.

Or, ensure even more powerful success with the support of~(3) Spell-Breaking private coaching sessions to break through with more support and ease~$497.
(These coaching sessions are half priced with this program only :)). Schedule any time within the 40 days. You+me=a boost of relief and clarity.

Now.. in the privacy of your own home, you’ll receive daily doses of big medicine.. for your heart+your mind… your body of course.. Your outlook. Your intuition. Give me 40 days. Break the spell, now and forever. Go here to register for the regular program OR the program with additional private support to take you farther faster. When you register you’ll immediately receive the initial pre-work, plus your complimentary copy of You Are The Temple (a gorgeous perfect companion to retreat at home with powerful rituals and practices to soothe and nourish you) that lets us begin and brings you into sanctuary, allowing changes to begin right now

All love to you… all blessings… my heart to yours xo~ lisa

It's time for healing!

Choose your pricing plan and get started today


Basic Course Package


Basic Course including 3 spell-breaking private coaching sessions